Tomatis method clarifications

More and more people are writing to us to have explanations about what the Tomatis method is, how it is applied and why on the web you can find sites of companies or professional firms that use techniques called Tomatis, but whose contents are often discordant or in some cases deficient. Not to mention training schools that promise to teach the "real" Tomatis method, often in one, two or three "training" weekends.

It is important to know that at the death of Tomatis, the training institute he directed and which was the guarantor, he in life, of the correct application of his method developed in 40 years of research, was taken over by a commercial company run by one of Tomatis' sons. This company, probably trying to do better than its founder, fired most of Tomatis' closest collaborators, with a huge loss of people with great clinical, technical and scientific experience in the field of audiopsychophonology. The school was given a radically different orientation, both in the application of the method and the training of new therapists. The management of the institute itself was financially affected, which led to its judicial liquidation.

Since then, it was 1997, most of the Italian and foreign centres decided to no longer have any relationship with the institute, but remained in close and continuous contact with Alfred Tomatis until his death on 25 December 2001. The strongest repercussions were in France, where eighty per cent of the centres were definitively closed. Despite this, most countries managed to continue to dispense the theoretical and practical legacy of listening pedagogy independently. Associations and schools, founded by students from Tomatis, have been able to provide annual training for new listening therapists and encourage the opening of new centres.


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